Music Together Online

Please use this page for information regarding online classes. Read the FAQ for more details on MTO. If you have any questions, please email the director.

Visit Classes page for current schedule.

Visit Registration page to enroll or pay via Venmo or PayPal if you're a continuing Valley Cat family with no changes in your family or location. 

WINTER*2021 BELLS/elephant: Jan.12 – Mar.21

Note: ALL children living in household, including infants, included for Mixed Ages/Family class; Babies up to 8 months only for Parents w/Babies class (older siblings need a class of their own unless they're 7+); Rhythm Kids is for independent kids about 5-1/2 – 8*

TUITION for 10-week Online Session

• Continuing Fall Families: $190 (check email and current Facebook group for $25 coupon)

• Returning Valley Cat Families: $215

• NEW Families: $240 (includes a one-time $25 admin fee)

* Rhythm Kids Online (RKO) is developmentally appropriate for independent kids over 5 (ideally those who have experienced kindergarten), but siblings may observe, and RK kids may join their younger siblings' MTO classes. Materials are NOT the same; 2021 Winter RK is "Elephant"! RKO will run 35–45 min, and each kid needs a hand drum (kid-sized djembes available for $25 at VCM while supplies last).

What's Included?

A ten-week session of
one 35-minute live Zoom* class per week OR on-demand video classes**
• three Zoom makeups (Family classes only), as well as class recording link posted in private Facebook group every week (teacher-view only) for even more "More!"
• bonus pre-recorded videos (via private Facebook group) or Facebook livestreams (via public Valley Cat Music Facebook page)

 *visit to download or update to latest desktop version and get the app for backup or on-the-go classtime!
** register for "Any Class: Video Only" to receive a video each week of one specific Zoom class's recording (your choice or director's choice) OR a pre-recorded class, if available.

Music Materials: Bells songbook, CD, download code, new-family booklets (see below for instruments). Materials must be picked up touch-free from Valley Cat Studio (L.A. families) or can be mailed for $7 (Continental U.S.). Please allow time for shipping. Download codes will be emailed to out-of-town families ASAP so you can access your music, digital songbook, and notation book from the app or MT Family Music Zone.

Private Facebook Group. All registered fall families will be invited to join a unique and completely private Facebook group, where teachers will post weekly class info, share bonus videos, and add links to Dropbox-stored class recordings. This is also where you can share photos and videos of your kiddos making music with us and with you! 

Caregiver participation, modeling, and interaction. Just like in class, I don't expect your kids to participate; I expect you to. If I can't see you on-screen, then your child may be too close (or off exploring, which is great). The beauty of the at-home class experience is that your kinaesthetic or reticent learner can move to the beat of their own drummer in their home safe space and still absorb the music coming from your computer, tablet, phone, or TV (I do recommend connecting computers to Bluetooth speakers since often computer volume isn't very loud, especially when we're playing instruments, too). Don't be surprised if you hear even non-participating family members humming a song from class that they heard from the next room...

You remain their most important teacher, and I am your guide. You are why MTO is not a passive experience. Your teachers will mute all for most of the class, opening audio before & after class for hellos and goodbyes and during class for tonal patterns or animal noises, and we'll ask for suggestions via the Chat window before class begins so you can sit back and just do your thing.

Note: Doing Music Together online does take some getting used to, so please check out the FAQ, and be sure to enjoy all the videos on to familiarize your child with viewing me onscreen. Also, families new to MT/MTO may attend twice/week for first two weeks!

What's Not Included?

Hearing each other sing at the same time...most of the time. While the Zoom platform is great at allowing us to feel connected with our classmates, it can't sync our Internet connections to keep us in time with each other, but we'll unmute as often as we can (be sure to keep your version of Zoom updated). 

However, when you're muted, you control the volume in your house (maybe you need to share earbuds with your older child while a baby naps, maybe your child likes to play instruments on every song), allowing you to relax and listen to your teacher, your child, and yourself without worrying that either you, the gardeners, or someone else is making too much sound in your home. 

My instruments in your hands.* You have two choices:

1. You can pull together a set of instruments for use in online and post-pandemic classes, including:

    • shakers (eggs, maracas, rattles, homemade containers with rice/pasta) 
    • sticks (papertowel rolls, wooden spoons)
    • scarves (any cloth object, pillowcase, bandanas)
    • drum (tupperware, bowl, box, giant cheesepuff container)
    • jingle bells (keys, ? grab 99-cent store jingle bell wristbands/necklaces now!)
    • ball (large enough to roll from person to person, underinflated for easy grabbing)
    • resonator bells (D&A keys of a xylophone plus mallet)
    • mixed percussion (everything you already have—without batteries)
    • and for sure a stuffed animal/lovey/doll.
Remember: each participant needs their own set.

*2. I can put together packs of instruments for your family to rent by the session (if you're local) or purchase. Rental fees are simple: $10 for up to three instruments for two people; $20 for up to six instruments or for more people. See Store for more info 

Traffic stress or parking issues! You're at class right now! :-)

Registering for Online Classes (use Registration page — log in at the bottom)

Please register your free siblings! You will receive a link to attend your weekly Zoom class in your registration confirmation (please add to your calendar!), and then if you miss one, your makeup link will be included in the confirmation email when you use the online makeup scheduler. Each family will receive a Zoom recording of either their weekly class or the next best-quality video.

Note: No children/parents/homes will be recorded (no screen recordings allowed, either), and no class videos will be posted outside of the private Facebook group. You have the freedom to show up as you are, wherever you are! 

Attending twice/week:

Families new to Music Together or Zoom may attend an extra class during the first two weeks; after that, extra classes will be $10 each. Returning families can choose to attend twice/week for $10/2nd class, too.

Please put extra class as your second choice and add a note in your online registration (or email Pay for your first class through the website to secure your spot and then add on your second class payment via Venmo or PayPal (or credit card by phone/email).

Learning/Social Pods: Each family still registers individually so everyone gets their own materials and can attend makeups when needed. 

Demos? Please visit to check out class-length livestreams (the ones over 30m), three-song videos (around 15m), or single-song offerings as a sample of what to expect from a class (without the faces of your classmates in Zoom).

Try a Zoom class with no commitment the first week!