Music Together Online

Please use only this page for all information regarding online classes for spring 2020. If you have any questions, please email the director.

Visit Classes page for schedule, but ignore everything that doesn't make sense except the schedule at the bottom.

Visit Registration page and scroll to bottom to register. See full instructions on this page below.

Tuition for all class types is as follows:

All returning families (if you've ever been in a full session of Music Together at Valley Cat Music): $175, inclusive. All siblings included, no coupons required. Contact director if you need a sliding scale due to unemployment without compensation. Please use Venmo if you'd like to add extra for families who are out of work. :-)

All first-time (new) families: $199, inclusive, all siblings included (normal tuition for new families for one child is $255). 

What's Included?

An eight-week session of
one (or two)* 30-minute online classes per week, via Zoom (visit to download or get info)
• unlimited makeups, space permitting (in video form if available/necessary)
• a Fridays at 5p Family Jam & Sing 15-min. livestream (via public Valley Cat Music Facebook page)
• ValleyCat SongSnack videos, including lullabies from Deborah and Alissa (starting week 2)^

Maracas songbook, CD, download code, notation book, new-family booklets: We will deliver your materials to everyone living within a 20-minute drive of Valley Village if you don't already have Maracas, and if you're home, we will greet you from the sidewalk. Please allow time for delivery; I will email codes ASAP. If you strongly prefer us to stay home and email you just a code (or if you live out of town), note there is no reduction in tuition and you will be able to access the digital songbook and download the notation book from the app or MT Family Music Zone.

One private one-song Zoom or FaceTime per family over the course of the spring session, especially if someone in your family has a birthday during this session. (Additional singing telegrams can be purchased! $10 for Hello or Happy Birthday; $20 for three fave tunes!)

Caregiver participation, modeling, and interaction. Just like in class, I don't expect your kids to participate; I expect you to. If I can't see you on-screen, then your child is too close. You remain their most important teacher, and I am your guide. You are why MTO is not a passive experience. Your teachers will lead two-part singing and ask for suggestions, but this Shelter-in-Place crisis is an opportunity to learn how to make music as a family (just like I know you are)!

Private Facebook Group. All registered spring families will be invited to join a unique and totally private Facebook group, where we can post our lullaby videos and host any Maracas-only livestreams. This is also where you can share photos and videos of your kiddos making music with us and with you! Only registered families at Valley Cat Music this spring will be invited, but it will only work if you join it! Otherwise, we will work around that option and send lullaby links via email or post on YouTube & Facebook.

* If you enrolled in the spring session before it became an 8-week session, you may attend additional classes each week, screen space permitting, to make up the extra time. [But here's some math: 10 weeks x 45m = 7-1/2 hours. 8 weeks x 45m = 6 hours, so that's three extra 30-min. classes, two of which are available on Facebook as recorded livestreams, and ten song videos were posted on YouTube and shared to Facebook, which is another class-worth of music. This is not to convince anyone but to help you feel full and satisfied by your enrollment decision.] 
     Or, if you'd like to donate your extra for families who aren't able to pay the full amount due to the pandemic, let me know! You can also do two classes/week and add a drop-in donation via Venmo at any time.
^ Before preparing specifically for the Maracas collection, I recorded several single-song videos on YouTube and shared them to the Valley Cat Music Facebook page. Please enjoy them if you haven't already. The lullabies are marked as such. The link will only take you to the page if you're logged in to Facebook; if you don't have an account, visit and enter "Valley Cat Music" in the search box.

What's Not Included?

Hearing each other sing at the same time. While the Zoom platform is great at allowing us to feel connected with our classmates, you'll be muted during the class (unmuted before and after -- and during suggestion moments). Alissa and I plan to create duet videos to share with you.

My instruments in your hands. You will get to pull together a set of instruments for use in online classes, including: shakers, sticks, scarves, drum, maybe bells (keys work), ball.

Group jam. We will do a group free dance, singalong, & jam on Friday nights, but it's much easier for you to turn on music in your homes that you love and jam to it on your found or existing instruments, dancing included. Plus, copyright infringement is an issue here. I can broadcast Music Together music but not the other stuff you're used to hearing in class.

Parking issues! You're at class right now! :-)

Registering for Online Classes (use Registration page but ignore everything except the link to log in at the bottom)

Choose one of your children as your registered child and then tell me who else will be attending in the notes. Choose two classes (if you prepaid the 10-week tuition) to attend per week by selecting a 2nd choice, and I will confirm both registrations by hand. You will receive a link to attend your, and then if you miss one, you may receive a link to watch that class as a video (only the teacher will be visible) OR you may receive a link to a different live class. 

Note: No children/parents/homes will be recorded intentionally unless every family in the class gives me permission at the start of class every time. If your child inadvertently unmutes your screen, you may be recorded as long as that unmute lasts.

Demos? Please visit to see my online class-length livestream from 3/28 or 4/4 as a sample of what to expect from a class (without the faces of your classmates in Zoom).

You can sign up to drop in to a Zoom class as a $20 demo before committing to the full session.

You can also watch Music Together videos on the "Valley Cat Music" channel on YouTube as a sample of what we're doing. (Note: I will eventually be blending an old valleycatmusic channel I created ten years ago with the new VCM channel, so if your link stops working, try valleycatmusic instead of Valley Cat Music.)