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Cancellation Policy 
For fall, winter, spring 8- or 10-week sessions: No refunds after the starting date of the session (this may be prior to your first class).* If you cancel your registration before this date, you may receive a refund minus a $25 cancellation fee or a credit toward the next session. Non-attendance does not constitute a cancellation. Note that if you enrolled with a continuing family coupon, you will owe that $25 for the following session if you skip one. 

Cancellations after the start of the session may warrant a partial credit toward the following session at the discretion of the director under special circumstances (sleep schedules and the timing of your other classes are not special circumstances). Please speak to the director with any questions.

*If your first-choice class is cancelled due to low enrollment, we will make every effort possible to place you in your second choice class or any other class if that's full. If all other classes are unavailable, you may receive a refund less the cost of your materials (unless they are unopened and returned promptly) and any class already attended OR a credit for the next session.

For summer and holiday sessions: No refunds. Credit toward the following session may be given if the cancellation is received at least one week prior to the start of the session date. If you have already been given the session materials, the cost of those materials will be subtracted from your credit unless you can return them to me unopened during the first week of classes.


Normally, each family may use three makeup classes during the current full-length session by signing up through the online makeup scheduler. As of spring 2020, in response to suggested coronavirus safety practices, each family will now have unlimited makeup classes to use at any time within the current session and, if needed, into the summer session (no more than one makeup beyond your current session unless you're enrolled in the summer session). All spring/summer makeups must be completed before Fall 2020 begins. Thank you!

Class Changes
We will attempt to accommodate any requests to change classes if possible during the first three weeks of a ten-week session only. The communal bonding of each class is critical to your child's growth and sense of security, as well as the successful flow of the class. Please always select a second choice when you register if you are in the process of applying to preschool and include a note if you know there's a chance you may need to switch classes so I can plan accordingly.

All credits must be used for the immediately following session unless otherwise arranged. 


• PayPal
The registration system will take you to PayPal to pay via credit card or PayPal unless you select Pay Later (or Cancel). You can pay via PayPal at any time by visiting

• Venmo
If you are new or returning after a break, you may register online and select "Pay Later" in order to use Venmo for tuition payments; if you are a current family, you may pay via Venmo and the director will complete your registration online. Deborah Dietrich is @valleycatmusic on Venmo.

• Credit Card
Once you have registered, you can make a payment to your account by clicking the Make Payment header. In Deborah's classes, you can swipe your credit/debit card to pay for classes/drop-ins in person or supply the following information to other teachers: card number, expiration, security code, zip code (info not kept).

• Checks/Cash
Select "Pay Later" at the end of your registration and, if it's more than one week prior to the start of the session, please print out your registration form and mail it with your check—payable to Valley Cat Music—to 4738 Farmdale Ave, Valley Village, CA 91602. Otherwise, please add a note that you will be bringing your check/cash to your first (or current) class.

• Payment Plans
Please contact Deborah to make arrangements to divide up your tuition (best way is to supply two to four pre-dated checks). Note that non-attendance does not change the tuition amount, just as if you'd paid the total upfront. Thank you!


• EMAIL: Please allow contact by email, and be sure add grandparents', other parents', or nannies' email addresses for pertinent class-related communications if multiple adults take students to class. Please also add to your Contacts since often email from this system lands in your Junk/Spam folder the first time you receive it. Thank you!

• SMS OPT-IN: MainStreet Sites offers the ability to send group texts, but I need your permission in order to use that feature (click the SMS Opt-In box when you register/edit your account). With so many of us relying on texts to get urgent information, I'm hoping you will trust me with your time and opt IN. I will only use text messaging in class emergencies and possibly once/semester for re-enrollment.