Music Together® Mixed Ages, Babies, and Rhythm Kids™ 45-minute Class Tuition

Fall, Winter, Spring:
10-Week Sessions
5-Week Session
 + Drop-ins
Holiday Interim
3-Week/Drop-in Session

First child: $225*
Second child: $150^
Twin/3rd child: $125 
Sibling under 8 months at start of class: free.
$25 one-time administrative fee for new families.

Introductory classes are free the first and last two weeks; otherwise, mid-session intros are $25. See drop-in policy for details.

First child: $135
Second child: $85^
Twin/3rd child: $70 

Sibling under 8 months at start of class: free.
$25 one-time
administrative fee
for new families.


Single-Class Drop-in
First child: $25
Second: $15
Third: $10
Please use intro/drop-in scheduler or registration system to sign up for Summer Session drop-ins.






Three Weeks
First child:
$75 (or $60)**
Second child: $50^
Twin/3rd child: $40
Sibling under 8 mos.: free
$25 one-time administrative fee for new families.

**Includes Music Together "Family Favorites" CD/booklet or download. Returning families who already have the CD don't need to purchase it (choose NO CD when you register).

Single-Class Drop-in
First child: $25
Sibling: $15
Please use registration system to sign up for Holiday drop-ins.

Visiting siblings of registered students: $20/class. Please use makeup scheduler to sign up for sibling drop-in, email director at, or text 323.KAT.MOJO (528.6656)

^Second child refers to a sibling in the same Music Together program (Mixed-age/Babies, Rhythm Kids I, and Rhythm Kids II are each separate programs) and in the same family unit as the first child, living in the same home. Cousins living in separa homes should be registered separately, even if brought together. Thank you.

We appreciate your business! Families enrolled in the current session (not as drop-in) will receive a special coupon code for $25 off the next full (non-summer/holiday) session; see director's email for coupon code and be sure to use it befre it expires!

Families who attend all nine Music Together song collections
at Valley Cat Music achieve All-Star status and receive $75 off their next 10-week session instead of $25, a free guitar or uke intro lesson, a Music Together cinch sack including a car magnet and egg shaker), and perpetual continuing family rate, regardless of coupon date. 
Families attending twenty 10-week sessions at Valley Cat Music get their next session free (winter, spring, summer, or fall)! Please alert Deborah if you think you've reached an All-Star goal!

Materials: Your tuition now includes two professionally recorded CDs plus a special code to unlock each song collection via the Family Music Zone or Hello, Everybody app to explore fun content created just for you, accompanied by a beautifully illustrated songbook with family activity suggestions, chord charts, development information, and space to write or draw. Classes include parent education to help adults understand and enhance their child's music development. Families will also receive a quarterly e-newsletter and access to the national informative website. New families receive a DVD and booklet, "Music Together at Home: Helping Your Child Grow Musically," a guide for parents and caregivers.

Note for Rhythm Kids: During the pilot period, the materials are not professional grade (e.g., photocopied songbooks), so the tuition is the same as the classic Music Together classes; however, beginning Fall 2018, the tuition for Rhythm Kids will reflect the quality of the materials and the advanced substance of the curriculum. Further, Rhythm Kids I and II are separate curricula with their own sets of materials, so siblings in different levels will have 1st child tuitions at this time.

Drop-in Policy: Click HERE for full drop-in policy. Thanks!

Vaccination policy: Valley Cat Music supports vaccinating according to age-appropriate schedules, especially for measles. Please note in your registration whether you and your family have been vaccinated. Thank you.

Adult Guitar Class: $175 per person/$140 spouse (parents of currently enrolled students only) for 8-week session during regular school year. (Private guitar and uke lessons for kids & adults also available!)

For registration and policies, click HERE. To pay Valley Cat Music via PayPal, click HERE.


Whether you pay by credit card online, PayPal, or check/cash, I recommend creating an account when you register so that all future enrollments are faster and you can easily be verified as a returning or continuing student. NOTE: If you select "Do not email," you will be excluded from important messages regarding class cancellations/changes, discount codes, upcoming schedules, etc. 

Paying by Credit Card or PayPal
To pay by credit card or PayPal, select "Pay by Credit Card/PayPal" after you have registered. [If you are in one of Deborah's classes, you can swipe your credit card in class*; in that case, you would select "Pay Later" and put a note on your registration form indicating that you intend to use your credit card on the first day of class.]
*In other classes, you may give your teacher the following information for the director to process later:
1. name on credit card, 2. CC number, 3. exp. date, 4. security code, 5. billing zip code


Paying by Check


To pay by check, select "Pay Later" after you have registered. Print out your registration form and mail it with your check—payable to "Valley Cat Music"—to Valley Cat Music, 4738 Farmdale Ave, Valley Village, CA 91602 or make arrangements with Deborah to bring it to your first (or current) class.



Payment Plans


If you would like to pay your tuition in three monthly installments (fall, winter, spring sessions only) or pay half credit/half check, please contact Deborah for instructions (


To register, click HERE.